Spirit Bar - Chill Out at Lily Beach Maldives

The Spirit Bar

Informal and lively, yet elegant and polished to perfection, The Spirit Bar is another one in the line of chill-out whereabouts at Lily Beach Resort & Spa.

Chill-out Mode: On

With sand floor, allowing you to have your feet sunk in the soft coral sand even when at the bar, its airy vibe and a wide selection of beverages, Spirit Bar is a perfect place to unwind and relax after an eventful day, or to stop for a drink during the day.

Seek shade in the tastefully decorated, lounge-like indoor setting, or enjoy the comfort of the outdoor terrace and the breathtaking vistas of the Tiffany blue Indian Ocean right on the bar’s doorstep.

To top things off, the Piano Bar and Amba Band provide regular additions to the evening entertainment.

Whenever you may drop by, the place is always in good spirits!


Enjoy puffing on your favourite sheesha in wide variety of flavours available. Our sheeshas are available both in Vibes Bar and Spirit Bar, boasting a sensuous, oriental-style ambience, perfect for finishing off your day at Lily Beach.

Lily Signature Cocktails

Turquoise Experience: Malibu, Blue curacao, triple sec, citrus and fresh lime

Lily Lovers Cocktails

Lily Colada: White rum, Malibu, strawberry, coconut cream

Chai Breeze: Brandy, Chai, Sweet & Sour Mix

Mint & Orange Blast: Gold rum, cranberry juice, sweet & sour mix

June Bug: Malibu, Midori Melon, banana Liqueur, pineapple juice

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