Tips for overcoming jet lag

5 tips for overcoming jet lag

There are 3 things that just about everyone who’s booked in for a heavenly resort retreat at Lily Beach has on their mind in the days leading up to the departure:

Rest assured, if your expectation of the island are high, they will most likely be exceeded. Our always helpful team have even compiled a list of advice that will help you overcome any jet lag that you might be feeling after the travel to get here; follow these steps to make sure your sleepy and cranky self doesn’t take over during what can be beautiful first few days in paradise!

5 best things to do to minimize your jet lag:

1. Leave home well rested

We know that pre-travel fever is impossible to suppress, but try to have a relaxing, unstressful last day before departure. Make a packing list well in advance so you don’t have hectic, “where-is-my-bikini” hours before your flight.

2. Reset your watch to Lily Beach time once you take off

Reset your mind and your watch to the ‘Lily Beach time zone’ (UTC+05:00). If you’re crossing several time zones, putting yourself on the Maldives’ time zone – and acting accordingly when it comes to sleeping and in-flight entertainment – can help you arrive to the country more rested and less sluggish. Don’t forget to pack a sleeping mask and earplugs!

3. Drink plenty of water

Dry cabin air can quickly dehydrate you, so skip coffee and alcoholic drinks and say “yes” to all the water you can get.

4. Loosen your body up with exercise

Keeping yourself active during a long-haul flight not only gives your body some much needed movement but also helps to lower your risk of blood clotting. Exercises like making circles with your feet, pulling your knees up, rolling your neck and taking strolls down the aisle will have your body thank you when you step off the plane.

5. Get a spa treatment on your first or second day at the resort

The beauty and well-being experts at Tamara Spa recommend the following treatments, which are bound to boost your energy and relaxation levels and prepare you for the ultimate enjoyment on the island:

  • 80-minute Balinese full body massage for relaxation with our tranquility massage oil blend, excellent tonic for jet lag,
  • Warm stone full body massage using warmed volcanic stones to facilitate deeper relaxation.

We look forward to welcoming you at Lily Beach – trust us, it’s worth arriving with eyes wide open and a clear mind ready to soak up the island’s beauty!