Sunset at Lily Beach

Best Spots to Admire Sunsets at Lily Beach

Natural beauty abounds on every corner of the resort, yet there is one phenomenon in particular that our guests reportedly reminisce about long after they’ve returned home from Lily Beach: the sunsets.

The visual beauty of nature’s original fireworks display in the Maldives is best enjoyed in the company of those closest to your heart; when you’ve taken care of that, what we can do is offer a piece of advice on what the best sunset-watching spots at Lily Beach are. The following will surely help you bid adieu to the day in a romantic manner and conjure up a pleasant suspense of what special treats you will be in the following day.

Tamarind Restaurant

Lily’s exquisite fine dining at Tamarind Restaurant is aesthetically topped off with orange, golden or purple tones of the sunsets. These short-lived moments are a surefire way for you to stock up on life-long impressions.

tamarind restaurant lily beach


Probably one of the most photographed locations at the resort, the AQVA Bar with its infinity pool and chill-out vibe is also one of the top spots to watch the sun set over Lily Beach. Kick back with your favourite sundowner drink in hand and appreciate the kaleidoscop of colours and the stunning beauty that nature’s putting on display for you.

Aqva bar Lily Beach

Sunset Water Suites

In terms of accommodation, the best vantage point to admire how the crimson sun slips behind the horizon of the Indian Ocean is in a Sunset Water Suite. These quintessential over-the-water suites afford unobstructed views of the glimmering ocean and the Maldives’ otherworldly sunsets.

Sunset Villa Lily Beach

Sunset Cruise

For Lily’s sunsets to really cast a spell on you, hop on a boat and be mesmerized by the magic of the sunset golden hour when the beauty of Lily Beach reveals itself just in front of you.

sunset lily beach