Clean Up the World
The team at Lily Beach joined thousands around the globe for the annual Clean Up the World event.
Lily Beach Resort Maldives
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Lily Beach Buffet Breakfast
At Lily Beach the breakfast isn't just 'good', it's incredible, possibly even the best in the whole of the Maldives!
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Exclusive Secret Deals
Dreamy beaches and lagoons, endless sunshine, sumptuous buffets and plentiful exciting adventures make Lily an inviting destination for families, couples or friends.
Lily Beach Maldives
For those of you who haven't yet enjoyed the delights of Lily, these are some of the award-winning qualities that await your visit...
Yoga Maldives

Global Wellness Day

Make Global Wellness Day the day you change your life for the better with a little help from Lily Beach.
The Nautilus Expedition at Lily Beach Maldives

World Oceans Day

At Lily Beach the ocean is incredible but globally it's in trouble - spread the word this World Oceans Day - the oceans need our help!
Hotel Resilient’s Gold Certification shows that Lily Beach is a safe destination for tourists during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Maldives Sea Turtles
A holiday at Lily Beach Resort provides an opportunity to observe turtles in their natural habitat, especially when joining the Turtle Tour.
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Best "Luxury Family Beach Resort" in the Indian Ocean
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