Lily Beach Maldives

Dhivehi for Beginners and Lily Beachers

Pack suncream – check! Buy swimwear – check! Learn Dhivehi – read on…

You’ve bought your suncream, tried on your swimwear (again!), chosen novels to read on the beach, now for a crash course in Dhivehi! Well, just a few words and common conversational phrases you may come across during your stay.

Learning the national language of Dhivehi isn’t a necessity, but knowing a few words will enrich your holiday; for example, you will know what’s going on when the boat crew shout “Koamas, Koamas!” and start frantically tapping the side of the dhoni – it does not mean the boat is sinking so no need to grab the life jacket – look for the dolphins playing in the bow wave instead!

You may also like to surprise our friendly team by exchanging a few words with them – they will really appreciate your efforts and be more than happy to teach you a bit more should you wish to learn.

Words you may come across during your holiday on Lily Beach:

Beach – ehelun

Coral – muraka

Manta ray – madi

Dolphins – koamas

Fish – mas

Flower – maa

Gecko – hoanu

Makaana – heron

Turtle – velaa

Reef – faru

Sandbank – finolhu

Sand spit – thun’di

Sand – veli

Shark – miyaru

Tuna – kanneli


And now for a few conversational phrases:

An easy one to start… Hello– hello

How are you? – Haalu kihineh

I’m fine, thank you – Ran’galhu, shukuriyaa

Good – ran’galhu

Thank you – shukuriyyaa

You’re welcome – maruhabaa

What’s your name? – Kon nameh kiyanee?

My name is _____ – Aharenge namakee _____.

Goodbye – dhanee or vakivelanee


Shukuriyyaa for reading and have a ran’galhu holiday!