Earth Day 2018 - Paper straws

Earth Day 2018

Based in one of the world’s most beautiful but fragile environments, the team at Lily Beach understand the importance of helping to protect our world. This Sunday, on April 22nd, is International Earth Day, a day dedicated to providing education and inspiration to how we can all help protect our amazing home.

Earth Day 2018 is focused on reducing the amount of plastic waste that is discarded each and every day. An initiative Lily Beach strongly believes in. Across the resort, Lily Beach has already replaced single use plastic drinking straws with environmentally friendly paper ones. The team are also in the process of phasing out all plastic bottles available to guests in their villas, with reusable glass bottles being introduced in their place. These small changes help make a big difference to the amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste produced at Lily Beach Resort.

As part of the Earth Day movement, snorkelers and divers at Lily beach will be able to join the team from Prodivers and our Watersports Center for an organised house reef and lagoon clean. This will be a free of charge dive for Lily’s certified divers, who can help make a difference to the amazing marine life that make their home around our island resort. If you would like to join, visit the dive center today.