Scuba diving fun for kids at Lily Beach

Scuba diving fun for kids at Lily Beach this Easter

Travelling to Lily Beach Maldives with kids this Easter? Unforgettable underwater adventures await with the PADI Bubblemaker and Seal Team Aquamissions at Prodivers!

Bubblemaker – the first underwater breaths

It’s common knowledge that kids love blowing bubbles – with soap mixture, into drinks, and now they can even do it underwater whilst scuba diving. If they are aged 8 or above and are comfortable in the water, they could be in for one of the most memorable occasions of their life. They will learn the basics about scuba gear – special child-sized equipment before taking their first dive in shallow water to a maximum depth of 2 meters – all under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional from Prodivers. There will be some basic skills to learn, games to play, fish to see and, above all, a whole lot of fun to have.

Seal Team – exciting AquaMissions await

For children aged 8 and above who may have already tried breathing underwater with the Bubblemaker program, the Seal Team takes their aquatic adventures to the next level. AquaMissions 1-5 cover basic scuba diving skills, each taking about an hour. Once these 5 are complete the child becomes a fully fledged PADI Seal Team member. A special log book will record the missions.
A series of 10 Specialty AquaMissions comes next – the young divers can choose adventures like marine creature identification, search and recovery diving, photography and diving with a flashlight. Once they are all complete the child becomes a PADI Master Seal Team Member.

Holidaying in the Maldives, especially at family-friendly resort, Lily Beach, is a dream-come-true for parents and children alike. Watch the scuba diving adventures of this Easter turn into a lifetime of ocean discovery and enjoyment – and it all starts at Lily Beach!

Contact Prodivers for more information about the scuba diving activities planned for the Easter break and for further questions regarding scuba diving for kids.

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