Family Holiday at Lily Beach Resort Maldives

Holiday Fun for the Whole Family!

It is true that many holidaymakers are drawn to the Maldives for its romantic charm, but the islands are far from being interesting only to those looking to perfect their chemistry. In fact, more and more families with children of any age travel to the Maldives’ resorts to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and to enjoy the much needed quality family time. And what a carefree and fun escape it is!

There are almost as many reasons for you to consider Lily Beach for your next family holiday as there are fish on reefs of the South Ari Atoll, and so many satisfied parents who visited the resort with their youngest ones that Lily Beach even received the outstanding World’s Best Family All-Inclusive Hotel 2016 accolade.

So, what is it that makes Lily Beach your safe bet when choosing a beach break to spend with your loved ones?

Plenty of beach to romp around

Building sandcastles, making sand angels, running around barefoot, admiring hermit crabs and shells washed up on the beach… You and your children will enjoy the simple pleasures of spending a holiday on a tropical coral island.

Turtle Kid’s Club

Although all children love being on the beach, sometimes you need to have some ideas for keeping them entertained. The Turtle Kid’s Club runs a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, so you can trust our team with your children while you take the time out for yourself by the pool, at Tamara Spa (insider’s tip: you got to try these treatments!) or even go on a dive, knowing that both your child and you will get together in a couple of hours happy and relaxed.

Swimming pool

For when the sun is just too hot and you’d rather spend a few hours in a shaded area, Vibes Bar area is the place to be. It boasts a playground with a shallow pool for the ultimate amusement of the little ones, as well as sun loungers, snacks and that proper summer feel to it!

Kids-friendly dining at Lily Maa

While you will undoubtedly want to indulge in just about everything that breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets at Lily Maa have on offer, we know that our youngest guests often don’t settle for anything but the dishes they love most and that taste like the ones you make them at home. After fun- and adventure-filled hours out in the sun and in the water, it’s only fair that there are dishes like spaghetti, chicken fingers and fries to much on, along with lots and lots of ice cream, because what is a summer holiday without a generous scoop of this yummy goodness?

Discover the ocean together

Snorkelling and diving are must-do activities in the Maldives! If you’re an ocean lover yourself, nothing beats enjoying it together and sharing the passion with one another. It’s a true family bonding activity, and if you sign them up for a fun session of Bubblemaker (8y+) or Discover Scuba Diving (10y+) programme, they will also get to know marine life first hand and develop curiosity and appreciation of nature, while having enormous fun doing so.

Having said that (and you will certainly find more reasons that make Lily Beach a perfect family resort once here!), if you’re looking for a blend of family fun while also keeping your much needed break in mind, look no further.

We took Teddy for a tour of the island, and can’t wait to have a fun-filled time at Lily Beach with you, too!

Lily Beach for Families