Global Wellness Day

‘One day can change your whole life’

10th June marks Global Wellness Day, the purpose of which is to ask the question, even if for just one day, “How can I live a healthier and better life?”. An easy answer to that question starts with spending time at Lily Beach Resort & Spa, a sanctuary, a happy place where the usual stresses of daily life simply don’t exist. Wellness at Lily Beach is a year-round event but on Global Wellness Day there are some extra activities planned that are designed to put your mental well-being first. We invite you to join us, in person if you will be at Lily Beach, or at home, by dedicating the day to adopting some new practices that have the power to change your life for the better.

Movement and Wellness

There’s no better way to start the day than by meditation so head to Tamara Spa in time for a 6.30 am start to your wellness day. Chakra meditation unblocks and harnesses the energy from a given chakra on which you’re focusing your meditation. By awareness, you can connect to your inner being and open a new pathway to healing and growth. A special Detox Drink and Wellness Snack will be served after the session.

Exercise is an important part of wellness, and so is fun so we have organised an afternoon kayaking competition! Leave your stress behind and paddle away! Join and register at the Watersports Center. Winner takes all! Places are limited to 5 pax so please book in advance to avoid missing out. Spectators welcome to cheer from the beach.

The benefits of yoga are well-known and here at Lily Beach we believe no one should miss out, especially our younger guests so we have a special Kids Yoga session to get them started on their wellness journey at a young age. Places are limited to 5-6 so book your child’s place and bring them along to the ‘brand new’ Lily Beach Yoga Pavilion – located near Vibes Beach.

For some fun calorie burning, join us at Vibes Beach for an aerobic dance class with a freestyle, inventive, creative dance style. Dance can enable you to embody the emotions you can’t name or put into words.

Balanced Nutrition

Wellness is not just about what we do, but also about what we eat and 10 of our guests have the chance to join our chef at Tamarind for a healthy cooking demonstration of a quick and easy dish to make at home for those with a busy lifestyle. Learn how to make a Wellness Juice ‘ABC Apple Beetroot and Carrot’ – the rich nutrient profile of ABC drink helps in slowing down ageing, enhancing vision, boosting memory, and combatting common infections. Follow this with a instruction on how to create a Thai Steamed Fish with Lime & Garlic dish that really portrays the contrast and excitement as well as being nutritional – healthy food need not be boring! Please book in advance. First come first served.

Join the 3-Course Global Wellness Day lunch at AQVA with a starter of cold cucumber & lemon tomato soup with lemongrass marinated scallops; main course comprises of steamed white local fish, lentil, quinoa and bell pepper sauce, followed by a dessert of oats coconut tart filled with berry & yoghurt cream, served with raspberry sorbet. A delectable dining experience your body will thank you for. Please book in advance. First come first served.

In the last afternoon, wander along to Spirits Bar to enjoy healthy mocktails that are hydrating, inexpensive, and packed with immunity nutrients. We are announcing on Global Wellness Day a collaboration with a local homegrown Maldivian Kombucha Brand – Saibrew – to be available at the resort soon. Taste the healthy drink available at various bars at the resort during Global Wellness Day.

Round off a day of wellness with our healthy dinner counter brimming with fresh produce and all things good for you at Lily Maa, our All-Day Dining Restaurant!

Planning for Wellness

When holidaying at Lily Beach, there’s no shortage of wellness opportunities, the only problem you will have is fitting them all into your stay – use the handy Lily App to help plan you time with us and remember, there’s always the opportunity to extend your stay if needed!

Make Global Wellness Day the day you change your life for the better!

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