Lily Beach guest calendar

Lily Beach 2017 Calendar

The team at Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives, hope that one of your must-do things in 2017 is to pay us a visit, but until you actually set foot on the island, we thought we could give away a downloadable calendar featuring wonderful imagery of the Maldives.

We invited you to enter the contest and help us create the Lily Beach 2017 calendar. We received over 50 stunning photographs, making it difficult for our team to choose only 12 images that will adorn your walls in 2017. Thank you kindly for your interest and for showcasing your talent.

It is a great pleasure to now present to you the Lily Beach 2017 calendar that you can download and print out, so you can be reminded of the Maldives every day of the year!

Download the Lily Beach 2017 calendar