Best Spa treatment for relaxation

Best Spa treatment for relaxation

The mark of a great holiday is the feeling of total relaxation by time you leave. At Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives guests don’t have to wait until the end to get that totally relaxed feeling – a treatment at Tamara Spa soon after arriving will soothe away not only the aches and pains from the long journey but the jet lag and stresses of home too. With so many sublime treatments on the menu it’s never easy to choose which one to indulge in. So, what is the best treatment for relaxation?

To kick start your relaxing holiday choose the Mandara Massage, one of Tamara Spa’s signature treatments. Two experienced therapists will treat the mind, body and soul as they work together in synchronisation with a blend of 5 different massage styles. Shiatsu, Thai, Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Balinese forms of massage come together in a combination never to be forgotten.

To take relaxation to the next level opt for the Ultimate Indulgence spa package, it’s exactly as its name suggests: the ultimate indulgence! This ritual starts with a gentle body scrub, then takes you to deep relaxation with a choice of sauna or steam room, followed by our unique 4 hands Mandara Massage, including a foot massage. Whether you want to share this experience with your loved one, or you prefer to have a special moment for yourself, the Ultimate Indulgence treatment is a memorable experience!

Even the surroundings at Tamara Spa have a tendency to induce pure relaxation – beautifully designed treatment rooms, an outdoor jacuzzi strewn with petals and overlooking the ocean, views through the glass floor, allowing the calmness and beauty of the Indian Ocean to envelope you in tranquillity.

Spa vouchers can be purchased as gifts for others and also for yourself as a ‘pre-holiday’ teaser for the relaxation in store when you step off the plane. Don’t waste even a moment, take the easy way to instant relaxation and enjoy the rest of your holiday in a totally relaxed state – why wait until the end, enjoy it now!