Teppanyaki Live Cooking at Lily Beach Maldives Resort


Savor the culinary spectacle the skilled teppanyaki chefs are bringing to the table and treat yourself to an evening of luscious Japanese cuisine that has an entertaining theatrical taste to it.

Theatre Of Gastronomy

Every evening, the culinary art of teppanyaki takes center stage at the AQVA Bar. Not only will this live cooking station seduce your taste buds with the freshest and top-quality ingredients, but it will also make your dinner an extraordinary experience.  Fresh lobster and the finest Wagu beef compliment an extensive menu choice.

Sit around the teppan iron griddle and watch our teppanyaki chefs cook delicious food before your very eyes, topping off their culinary expertise with superb flipping, tossing and juggling flair.

Participate in the theatre of gastronomy at Lily Beach Resort & Spa to enjoy the mouth-watering food, the wine and the ambience. The teppanyaki station can accommodate groups of up to 12 people.

A visit to the teppanyaki station is bound to spark off a fantastic evening ahead!

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