Maldives Holiday Dreams Become Reality with a Deluxe Water Villa

If you’ve never visit the Maldives before but find yourself daydreaming of the luxurious holiday of your dreams, chances are you’ll be imagining yourself swimming from the steps of a villa perched atop a sparkling turquoise lagoon…

At Lily Beach Resort & Spa Maldives you can turn those day dreams into reality by booking a Deluxe Water Villa where 5 star luxury, uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean and privacy combine to create a romantic bolt hole for you and your loved one.

The Deluxe Water Villas are the epitome of what it is to holiday in the Maldives, a destination where the ocean plays the starring role. The villas are sympathetically designed with the ocean in mind at all times; guests can fall asleep and wake to the rhythmical sounds of the waves gently lapping around the stilts upon which the water villas are built, they can even view the marine swimming beneath when in the villa itself by way of a beautiful glass panel in the floor! A morning dip from a private stairway, relaxing moments in the on-deck jacuzzi plunge pool whist sipping a cocktail and gazing out at the countless hues of blue, and a relaxing bath with ocean views – all without even leaving your accommodation!

Of course, we don’t recommend staying in your villa for your entire stay, Lily Beach has so much more to offer if you can bear to tear yourselves away from the Deluxe Water Villa.

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