Family Holiday Lily Beach Malediven

Concerned about a holiday in the Maldives with young children?

Families with young children often feel constrained by holidays at home or taking short flight to traditional ‘family’ destination. However there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider the Maldives for your next family beach break.

You are probably already thinking: ‘What about the flight, the heat, the food…?’. But a long-haul trip to the Maldives is not as out of reach or impossible as it may initially seem.

Involve the children in the planning and packing, tell them they are going on a big adventure to a far away island where the sun shines and the sea is warm and clear. Show them maps and trace the route, point out countries they will fly over. Getting the children to buy into the idea will make the journey far more enjoyable for everyone.

The biggest hurdle for most parents will be the length of the flight, but with a little planning this can be a positive experience. Avoid the temptation of taking lots of toys and activities on the flight, they will weigh you down at the airport and end up scattered over the floor of the plane. Most major airlines now have in-seat entertainment with a dedicated kids’ section of cartoons, movies and games; with screen time often limited at home, the little ones will revel in being allowed unlimited access during the flight! Cushions, blankets and even an activity pack are commonplace amenities on most long-haul flights.

The Maldives has a reputation as a honeymoon destination, but Lily Beach also welcomes families and is an idyllic holiday destination for children of all ages.

The heat may be a worry for some parents but the maximum daytime temperatures do not exceed 30ºC, and there is plenty of shade, air conditioned accommodation and with the unlimited all inclusive drinks as part of the award winning Platinum Plan, meaning staying hydrated will be super easy.

Pools and shallow lagoons lend themselves perfectly to a splashing paradise – great fun whilst cooling off. A small island with no cars means no driving and children being perfectly safe, having the freedom to run around barefoot for their entire stay. There is a clinic on the island so even if the destination is remote, everything you need is right here, even in the unlikely event its needed.

Need a few more reasons just to convince you?

The sea is a fantastic 28ºC, there is a huge choice of food, even the fussiest of little eaters will find something they enjoy. The beaches are almost deserted, the sun shines all year round, the Kids Club takes children aged 3 and over, and the icing on the cake… there are adult escapes like a couple of hours at the Tamara Spa and half day snorkel boats if one of you needs some ‘me-time’.

Just because you have young children doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the beauty of the Maldives, let Lily Beach be the start of many family adventures.