Most popular watersports activities at Lily Beach

Make a splash with the Maldives most popular water sports

There’s no better place in the world for water sports than the Maldives, the island nation with more water than land. Crystal clear lagoons and the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean all sprinkled with idyllic islands provide the perfect setting for enjoying the water in whatever way suits you best. No matter what your preferences are, at Lily Beach there is a water sport for you. Here are the most popular…

Best for families

Try the latest trend in the water sport world, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). Easy to learn – complete beginners should be up on the board and paddling themselves around to explore the lagoon after a little bit of practice. There shouldn’t be too many tumbles but it will be fun to see which family member has the best balance!

Best for adventurers

Thrill seekers will love the adrenalin rush they will experience whilst zooming around on the surface of the water on a jet ski. Perhaps being on the water isn’t quite adventurous enough though? Try the jet blade experience for lift-off as you are propelled into the air.

Best for lazy ones

Those who prefer a more tranquil approach to water sports should take a kayak and gently cruise around the sparkling waters. Nothing too energetic or speedy and for those really lazy ones…take the back seat and see if you can get away with not paddling!

Best for novices

Anyone new to the whole water sports scene may prefer to ease themselves in gently and view the incredible marine life from the comfort of a glass bottomed canoe, it’s not even necessary to get your hair wet. Simply paddle across the lagoon, look down through the canoe and prepare to be amazed.

Don’t leave the Maldives without experiencing what it does best: the water. Make a splash any way you like!