Lily Beach’s youngest repeater family

Lily Beach’s youngest repeater family?

“Home sweet home” – an expression we hear a lot when guests return to Lily Beach.

2 year old Vincent might be a little too young to fully understand the sentiment that parents Jens and Aysen felt when they returned to Lily Beach recently. What’s incredible is that this is Vincent’s 5th visit to Lily Beach, the first being while Aysen was still pregnant!

This recent visit to Lily Beach saw the family stay and enjoy the island and the resort for 4 weeks. Besides the beauty of the island, Jens, Aysen and Vincent particularly enjoy the friendliness of the staff, the exquisite cuisine together with the quality and variety of the products, and the Platinum all inclusive plan offering a real hassle-free holiday.

We love seeing return faces at the resort, and are pleased to offer additional benefits exclusively dedicated to our repeater guests.