Celebrate your love at Lily Beach

Can you feel that? Love is in the warm Maldivian air, and the team at Lily have hand-selected the perfect moments for your romantic getaway. Whether celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon, or anything in between, this is sure to be a vacation where the memories last a lifetime- with some unique experiences to guarantee it.

Couple’s Spa

Pampering your partner is a great way to show that you care. Head over to Lily Beach’s own Tamara Spa for a couple’s day out, where Balinese massages, French pedicures, and Ayurveda therapy await. Meditate, relax, and rejuvenate while watching the calm azure ocean through the glass floor below you. You both deserve it.

Bed & Bath Decorations

Sometimes, words just do not cut it – Why not show your partner how you feel instead? Lily Beach Resort & Spa offers several opportunities to express your love creatively. Bed & bath decorations add a bit of glamour and flair to your stay – go on a romance-inspired culinary journey with the diverse spread found on a floating breakfast in your personal pool, or surprise your partner with the first meal of the day in bed. Every detail matters at Lily Beach Resort & Spa, where even little aspects of your life are decorated to match the occasion.

Romantic Beachside Candlelit Dinner

The celebrations should not stop just because the sun drops below the horizon. Let your holiday culminate in a romantic candlelit four-course dinner. Each feature of this luxurious, private meal right on the beach has been carefully planned with you in mind, from cuisine to lighting. Share a bottle of sparkling wine and reminisce together, set to the rhythmic soundtrack of the ocean in a dreamy coastal atmosphere.

Wedding/ Renewal of Vows

Imagine walking down an aisle of pink flower petals, the wind slowly brushing your hair aside as the waves create a relaxing drone in the background. Drums beat in sync with your strides as you and your partner turn to look into each other’s eyes and (re)affirm your vows together. An audience cheers as you walk away hand in hand, while an on-site expert photographer captures every moment. Why imagine the perfect scene when it can be a reality? Lily Beach Resort & Spa is the best destination in the Maldives to create everlasting memories on an all-inclusive, carefree, romantic holiday.

Whether you are celebrating your love on Valentine’s Day or possessing the mindset that every day together is just as significant, come enjoy a romantic extravaganza at Lily Beach. Fall deeper in love as you thrive together with an everlasting bond in both of your hearts while having fun here in the Maldives.