Sun Lily Private Island Dinner Escape

At Lily Beach Resort and Spa Maldives, the opportunities for adventure, escapism and pure tranquility and many, but for the ultimate private getaway, allow us to whisk you and your loved one away to Sun Lily, a beautiful private island located just a few minutes away from Lily Beach.

Sun Lily is everything that comes to mind when you imagine a deserted tropical island – a small, white, sandy beach, dense jungle-like vegetation and a stunning turquoise lagoon – the perfect place for romance! Allow your mind to wander and imagine proposing at this breath-taking location – how could the answer be anything but ‘YES!’ ? Anniversaries, birthdays, a castaway fantasy or just simply because you want to, we can even help you plan the occasion as a surprise, the reason for the trip doesn’t matter, the memories made will be forever cherished.

Once you’ve set your heart on a trip to Sun Lily for what will possibly be THE highlight of all your holiday highlights, consult with our team and choose a menu, we will set up a romantic, petal strewn table within a heart on the pretty beach, and take your and your loved one to to the island by boat. Bask in the glorious rays of the setting sun, sip champagne, delight in the delicious dinner specially prepared for you and enjoy each others company.

Please book your Sun Lily Dinner directly with your Guest Relations Officer or at their desk where you can browse the entire Private Dining brochure.

Sun Lily Dinner is just one of a collection of bucket list experiences awaiting you at Lily Beach!