Snorkeling and diving with mantas at Lily Beach

Top 4 excursions for Ocean lovers

With the wide range of activities on offer at Lily Beach Resort & Spa, there are plenty of opportunities to get the most out of your Maldives experience. With so much Indian Ocean around the resort itself, here are 4 hand-picked excursions allowing you to enjoy and experience the underwater wonders of the Maldives.

Ocean Adventure

The Ocean Adventure excursion offers the opportunity to snorkel with whalesharks, the ocean’s largest fish, and manta rays! Embark on our speedboat that will take you to snorkelling sites where there is the chance to swim with some of the largest and most incredible and graceful creatures of the Ocean.

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Ocean Adventure at Lily Beach Maldives

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

There is one mammal that will always move you, no matter your age and interest in the underwater world: dolphins! And the best way to get mesmerised by this beauty of nature is to admire them from our Sunset Dolphin Cruise and be prepared for an astounding show with flips, jumps and twists! And obviously enjoy the Maldivian sunset while sipping sparkling wine…

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Boat excursions at Lily Beach Maldives

Turtle Tour

Just a short dhoni ride away from the resort, you will get the chance to see either green sea turtles or hawksbills turtles feeding, or even coming to the surface to catch a quick breath. Ask your guide to tell you more about turtle hatchlings, turtles’ navigating skills and how they return to the beach they hatched on to nest themselves in adulthood. A truly not-to-miss snorkelling excursion!

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Turtle Tour at Lily Beach Maldives

Penguin excursion

If you love the Ocean and the underwater marine life, but don’t want to get wet, there is no better way than an excursion with our Penguin semi-submarine. Comfortably seated below the water level in our semi-submarine, you can watch the amazing marine life swimming by!

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