Join Jelena Sokovic on a Wellness Journey at Lily Beach for World Wellness Weekend

This coming September discover a transformative journey towards holistic wellbeing at the World Wellness Weekend at Lily Beach Resort & Spa with the backdrop of the beautiful sun, sand and sea of the Maldives.

This 3-day programme, taking place from 15th to 17th September 2023 is an immersive event which promises an array of workshops, meditation, and yoga sessions, as well as a host of fun recreational games. The programme is designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul, leaving participants feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

One of the highlights of the World Wellness Weekend is the workshop titled “The 50 Rules for Health” facilitated by Jelena Sokovic, a renowned Wellness Practitioner who currently resides at the resort. Jelena’s vast knowledge and expertise in the field will guide guests through practical and insightful strategies for achieving optimal health. From nutrition and exercise to mental well-being and self-care, attendees will gain valuable knowledge and actionable tips to enhance their overall wellness.

In addition to the workshop, Jelena will be hosting a series of meditation and yoga sessions which will provide an opportunity for participants to explore mindfulness, relax the body, and cultivate inner peace. From beginners to experienced practitioners, individuals of all skill levels will find solace and tranquillity through these guided practices.

Healthy drinks and dining options along with classes on concocting the perfect healthy juice blend will also be offered within the programme. For those seeking a more active and engaging experience, the World Wellness Weekend features an assortment of fun recreational activities. Engage in a friendly game of Beach Volleyball, where participants can enjoy the sun, sand, and physical activity. Alternatively, adrenaline junkies can partake in thrilling Kayak racing, pushing their limits and building camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts. Additionally, children can delight in specially curated wellness games designed to promote physical activity and health education in a fun and interactive manner.

Throughout the three-day programme, participants will have access to a variety of health-conscious amenities. Nutritious meals, prepared with locally sourced ingredients and expertly curated to provide balanced nourishment, will be served to support the participants’ well-being goals. Furthermore, guests booking certain spa treatments during these 3 days will be granted a very special discount in commemoration of the World Wellness Weekend. We will also continue to offer stunning discounts throughout the entire month of September selected Spa treatments and yoga sessions. Celebrated worldwide, this weekend will be an ideal way to embark on a holistic journey towards improved well-being. Whether you are seeking knowledge, relaxation, or adventure, this transformative event has something to offer for everyone.

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