Lily Beach Maldives Sunset

Best spots to admire the sunset at Lily Beach

Natural beauty abounds on every corner of the resort, yet there is one phenomenon in particular that you will remember long after you have returned home from Lily Beach: the spectacular sunsets.

Here’s some advice on where to admire the best sunsets at Lily Beach. The following will surely help you bid farewell to the day in a perfect manner…

Aqva Bar

Probably one of the most photographed locations at the resort, with its infinity pool and chill-out vibe, Aqva Bar is also one of the top spots to watch the sun set over Lily Beach. Kick back with your favourite sundowner drink in hand and appreciate the kaleidoscope of colours and the stunning beauty on display.

Aqva Bar Lily Beach

Sunset Cruise

Hop on our local Maldivian dhoni boat and be mesmerized by the magic of the golden hour when the beauty of Lily Beach reveals itself right in front of you.

Lily Beach Maldives Excursions

Sunset Water Suites

In terms of accommodation, the best location to admire sunsets over the Indian Ocean is in a Sunset Water Suite. These quintessential over-the-water suites afford unobstructed views of the glimmering ocean and the Maldives’ amazing sunsets.

Sunset Water Suite

Tamara Spa

Indulge in a Private Spa Dinner at Tamara Spa: after a relaxing Balinese massage, enjoy the sun setting on the ocean while you savor an exquisite dinner with your loved one.

Private Spa Dinner