House Reef Snorkelling at Lily Beach

Amazing house reef snorkelling at Lily Beach

The Maldives consists of coral reefs, so amazing snorkelling opportunities are in abundance, though one of the best features a Maldives’ resort can have is a fabulous house reef. The main advantage of having an easily accessible house reef just off the resort is that you can go snorkelling at your favourite time of the day straight from the island, take your time and admire the sections of the reef that you like best.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives, is lucky to have a vast house reef that is home to a wide variety and a large number of marine life. But before you go and explore it during your forthcoming holiday at Lily Beach, here are some valuable tips to make your house reef snorkelling as enjoyable as it gets.

Tips and recommendations on snorkelling Lily’s house reef:

  1. Never snorkel by yourself. If your partner isn’t a snorkeller, join a group of other snorkellers or sign up for one of the individual or group snorkelling house reef tours.
  2. Wear fins at all times. Currents on the house reef can be unpredictable and using a pair of fins makes your swimming a lot easier. If you’re new to swimming with fins, our watersports center team will be happy to teach you the basic technique.
  3. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun before you go snorkelling. To avoid sunburn, it’s best to wear a UV-blocking rashguard. Such shirts are available for purchase at the resort.
  4. Don’t touch anything in the water and admire the reef with your eyes only. Coral reefs are living organisms and should be respected. Furthermore, it is possible that some well camouflaged, sometimes venomous, marine life lurks on the reef or in the sand, so to protect yourself and the reef inhabitants, keep your arms straight down the side of your body, and your fingers on the camera shutter button.
  5. Consult any of our team members for detailed information on where the best and the safest snorkelling sites are on the house reef, and speak with our dive center or watersports center to find out more about the marine life that makes the Lily Beach house reef a reef at which you will certainly snorkel several times during your holiday.