Dhoni dinner at Lily Beach

Dhoni Private Dining Experience

During your holiday at Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives, you will most certainly come across the word dhoni, which stands for one of the oldest known sea vessels in the Maldives. Traditionally used as handcrafted fishing boats made from coconut palm timber, dhonis are an important element in the nation’s heritage, and seeing one with its white triangular lateen sails put up is a sight to behold. To highlight the local culture and complement it with private dining, the team at Lily Beach are proud to offer a new and unique experience: dhoni dining on the beach.

Resembling sails of a dhoni, the shade sails provide a superb ambience and add allure to your lunch or dinner menu, which is equally superb and prepared to your liking under the watchful eye of the resort’s Executive Chef. The dishes are as sophisticated as the dhoni-shaped table. Add to that the gentle breeze at lunchtime and the light lapping of the waves at night and you get an exquisite private dining option to be enjoyed either by a couple or by families.

The dhoni private dining experience is a private venue that can be booked for lunch ($75++ per couple) or barbecue dinner ($185++ per person).

Prices are subject to 10% service charge & 12% GST.