The Nautilus Expedition at Lily Beach Maldives

World Oceans Day

Anyone who has been to Lily Beach Resort Maldives will know that the surrounding reefs and ocean are a treasure trove of delights. Located in South Ari Atoll, we are set amidst some of the very best snorkelling and scuba diving in the whole of the Maldives; the nearby reefs are graced with mantas and whale sharks, colourful corals and an abundance of fish – the ocean here is incredible but sadly it’s not the same story everywhere in the world. World Oceans Day, marked on 8th June each year shines a spotlight on the plight of the oceans globally and seeks to raise awareness of the need to protect them.

Not only do the world’s oceans host incredible biodiversity, their temperature, chemistry, currents and marine life drive global systems that make the Earth habitable for humankind. They provide and regulate our rainwater, weather, climate, food supply, even the oxygen we breathe. Millions of people depend directly on the ocean for their livelihoods but we all rely on a healthy ocean, whether we realise it or not.

The very best ambassadors for the oceans are those who have experienced the wonder that lies beneath the waves and your holiday at Lily Beach provides the perfect opportunity for ocean discovery at its very best. From snorkelling excursions to scuba diving adventures, and for those who would rather stay dry there are dolphin safaris and the Penguin Semi-submersible boat excursions – all able to be booked with our App even before you arrive at the resort!

We hope to share the wonderful underwater world with you soon and in the meantime, Happy World Oceans Day!

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