Lily Beach is COVID-19 Ready

Holidaying during a pandemic can be fraught with difficulty but when you choose a destination such as the Maldives with the unique ‘one island, one resort’ concept you get the peace of mind you need to be able to travel confidently and enjoy a well-deserved holiday in paradise. Lily Beach Resort and Spa has taken Covid-readiness to another level – we have recently gained the COVID-Ready Gold Award, administered by Hotel Resilient.

Gold Certification status verifies that Lily Beach is following international guidelines, Maldives’ Health Protection Agency guidelines, industry best practices, and the latest scientific research related to the pandemic. As well as adhering to the guidelines, changes at the resort have been designed to make reducing risks easy such as placement of new sinks around the resort for easy handwashing and sanitising and reminder notices about social distancing in buffet areas. Anyone who has been to the Maldives will know that social distancing is nothing new here – everyone gets plenty of space, it’s not a destination where you will find crowds and the restrictions in place at Lily Beach will not detract from the tropical holiday experience.

All the hard work and effort by staff, as well as our strict following of government rules and regulations, really shines through this COVID-19 Gold Certification. Guests can see first-hand how well we are handling the pandemic and observing global and national guidelines. This is a great success for the resort” – Mr. Lorenzo, the Resident Manager of Lily Beach Resort & Spa

Alongside the external health audits, Lily Beach’s vaccination program has also been a success. Through our #strongertogether campaign, and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, and Mahibadhoo Hospital, we established a vaccination centre and were able to offer the vaccine to all staff members that wanted to receive it; we even extended services to several other resorts in the South Ari Atoll as well. 92% of the Lily Beach team have received at least one dose and once the vaccination campaign is complete, more than 95% of staff will have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Lily Beach has made mitigating COVID-19 a top priority and we now have the gold badge and vaccine card to prove it!

For more information regarding Lily Beach’s COVID-19 response, please check out the Safe Lily Programme.